6 billion channels and nothing on?

Or perhaps you just can't find anything cool to share? Next time you're playing YouTube show-and-tell, tune into tabTV. Reject the culturally-ignorant algorithms of the mainstream and go all indie underground with over 30 hours of hand-picked video from across the web, tabTV provides a curated series of playlists organized by genre and anchored in counter culture, music memes and subversive humor.  Lean forward and browse the collections, or choose a curated genre playlist, lean back and let the digital deliciousness flow. For you media geeks, see the bottom of the page for tips and tricks. 

Tips and Tricks:

tabTV uses Dropmark to generate and publish video playlists. Dropmark's video playback is a browser-based experience that commingles videos from differing sources such as Vimeo and YouTube.

First > Choose a playlist from the dashboard view

Playlist > By selecting any individual video in a playlist, the selected video will play back, immediately followed by all the videos after it. To watch the whole playlist, select the first video found in the upper left corner of the collection. Dropmark also provides basic playlist navigation < > during playback using a hover-menu located at the top of the screen.

Full Screen >  Using the embedded full screen button found in a YouTube video will only work during playback of that specific video only, browser-window playback will return once that video has completed. For the best uninterrupted full screen playback, tabTV recommends using your browser's full screen viewing option to watch edge to edge full screen video across all the videos in the playlist. 

TV Playback > With so many goodies organized in a seamless fullscreen playlist, tabTV is the ideal on-demand entertainment experience for your TV.  There are many ways to watch the Internet on a television, but remember --tabTV is browser-based, so you'll need a iOS/Android device or MAC or PC connected to your television. A direct HDMI connection is always best, but tabTV also recommends either Google's Chromecast, or AppleTV using AirPlay/Mirroring. Mirroring is native to the iOS 6 iPhones and iPads and the latest OS 10. For older OS or PC users, download AirParrot to AirPlay your non-Apple device to the AppleTV.